Scientific Instruments, Analytical Balance & Standard Weights

Industrial Crane Scale

Industrial Crane Scale

Optional Accessories

Wireless Display

Re-charge battery

Wireless Indicator


  • High Strength rotary hook, 360 swivel rotating hook, weigh up the weight after rotation. (For upto 10T Capacity Only)
  • 5 Digit 30mm LED display visual> 25 meters.
  • Switch on/off the scale automatically displays the charge voltage of Battery.
  • RF-Remote for easy operation.
  • Two Re-Chargable Batteries for continues one by one.
  • The mainboard design low energy consumption and prolong the using time.
  • The unique only charging protection, prevent over-current, overcharge, the battery service life is stronger, more durable.
  • Alarm overload, low voltage, the voltage is less than 5.5 v when prompted.
  • Function : 29 Auto Save Memories for Last Weighment Record. HOLD Last Weight, TARE & ZERO.


STC 500k0.5T0.1kg0.2LCDABS PLASTIC
STC 1T1T0.2kg0.51″ LEDMild Steel
STC 2T2T0.5kg11.2″ LEDAlum. Die-Cast
STC 3T3T0.5kg11.2″ LEDAlum. Die-Cast
STC 5T5T1kg21.2″ LEDAlum. Die-Cast
STC 10T10T2kg51.2″ LEDAlum. Die-Cast
STC 15T15T5kg101.2″ LEDAlum. Die-Cast
STC 20T20T5kg151.5″ LEDMild Steel
STC 30T30T10kg201.5″ LEDMild Steel
STC 50T50T20kg502″ LEDMild Steel

Specification are subject to change without notice.

STC – 500 K do not have re-chargeble battery option & RF-remote. Display Type : 20mm LCD
STC – 1T do has only one re-chargeble battery option.