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Smart Hemoglobin Meter

Smart Hemoglobin Meter
KLHGM - 540

Salient Features

  • Microprocessor Based Smart Hemoglobin Meter
  • The best recommended method is the Cyanmethemoglobin method. The advantage of being standardized and processing stable
  • The instrument will Display Direct Hemoglobin Value All the Calculation can be done by the microprocessor.
  • The Advantage here of using LED Based filter instead of Glass Filters is the Long life of leds.

Standard Accessories

12.5 mm Round Test Tube – 5 Nos.
Test Tube Holder – 1 No
Operating Manual


Measurement MethodCyanmethemoglobin Method
TypeMicroprocessor Based
Wavelength540 nm
FilterDigital LED Based Filter
ParameterHemoglobin Concentration
Measuring Range0.0 to 30.0 g/dl
Accuracy± 4%
CalibrationAuto Calibration
Light SourceHigh Accurate LED Source
Sample Volume20μl Blood + 5 ml of Drabkin Solution
Display16 x 2 Alphanumeric LCD
DetectorSilicon Photodiode
Set ZeroAuto Zero By pressing Membrance Switch
Test Tube Cuvettes12.5 mm Dia
Power Supply220 V AC ± 10 V, 50Hz
Dimension275 x 187 x 94 mm (Approx)
Weight1 Kg (Approx)

Design & Specification are subject to change without any prior notice.